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We are a Johannesburg based, South African company, working across different countries, with companies and organisations who are dealing with the complex issues that face rapidly urbanising areas.

Our focus is on getting people to reconnect with self, each other and the natural environment, to tap into their own wisdom and follow their own hearts in addressing challenges that often feel intractable.

Rehana Moosajee combines her experiences as an educator, community activist and elected representative in local government to offer services to clients that are committed to people, planet and potential.

Rehana has grappled with her multi -layered identity – a South African Muslim woman of Indian descent and in undertaking this journey has found her authentic voice – based on her experience she encourages others to do the same.

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About Rehana Moosajee

Rehana Moosajee is passionate about people, places, potential and planet. She is committed to creativity, collaboration and connection. In 2013 she created her own company – Rehana Moosajee Consulting.
As the founder/owner she has been invited to various international platforms and her assignments have included amongst others: wellbeing economies, food systems, eco-mobility, place-making and staying connected to nature in rapidly urbanising contexts. Rehana’s style is characterised by bringing the richness of her life experiences authentically into her work – from retreats in Rajasthan, to business principles from Bhutan, to inter-faith/ inter-cultural tour of Turkey. She combines her professional training in education, with her years of community activism and a 13 year stint in local government with the deep learning she has gained from the opportunities that life has brought to her.

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